Do I Need a Resume for a Warehouse Job in Lehigh Valley?

You’re in the market for a warehouse job, but you’re not quite sure how the hiring process works. Specifically, you don’t know if it’s necessary to include a resume with your job application.

While all employers might not require a resume, it’s always important to submit one. Going the extra mile shows the hiring manager you’re serious about the job, and allows you to really sell yourself as the best candidate.

Ready to craft a warehouse resume, but aren’t sure how to go about it? Use these tips to make yours stand out from the crowd.

Here’s What to Include on Your Warehouse Resume

Relevant Skills

Many hiring managers are in the habit of quickly skimming resumes, because they don’t have time to read every word. Therefore, including a skills section at the top of your resume can be wise, because it allows them to easily see what you have to offer. Choose your skills most relevant to the job and create a bulleted list to accentuate each one.

Professional Experience

Employers want to know about your work history. Even if you don’t have much — or any — warehouse experience, you’ll still want to include previous jobs dating back 10-15 years. This boosts your credibility, highlights your career progression and underlines your ability to hold a job.

Applicable Achievements

Share a few top accomplishments at each of your past jobs — relevant the position you’re applying to. This showcases your skill level, so the reader can better understand what you have to offer. When possible, quantify your achievements to make them more specific, as vague statements don’t carry as much weight.


Different warehouse jobs require different levels of education. At minimum, you’ll need a high school diploma or equivalent for just about any job. Including this on your resume makes it easy for the hiring manager to know you have the required education, which is always appreciated.

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