Should Lehigh Valley Start Preparing For “The Great Resignation”?

COVID-19 changed life as we know it — and that includes how many people view their jobs. It took a global pandemic to put things in prospective, but now there’s no turning back.

Employees are resigning from their jobs for a variety of reasons, including a desire for more flexibility, work that isn’t fulfilling, poor cultural fit and lack of appreciation from their employer. While you can’t stop some people from resigning — and you probably wouldn’t want to — you can take measures to keep the best workers on staff.

Here’s some advice to help stop the right people from giving their notice.

4 Tips to Keep Outstanding Workers From Leaving

Recognize Hard Work

Top talent brings their A-game to work every day. They don’t expect you to constantly shower them with praise, but two little words — thank you — go a long way. When people go the extra mile, let them know you appreciate their efforts. Stop by their desk, send an email or take a moment in a staff meeting to recognize them. This will make them feel valued, which is a must for retention.

Make Room to Grow

No matter how much your best and brightest employees enjoy their jobs, they don’t plan to stay in the same role forever. If you don’t offer opportunities for advancement, they’ll be forced to move on to another company. Avoid this by mapping the next steps in their career during one-on-one meetings. This will allow you to learn their goals for the future, so you can plan accordingly. If the right type of job isn’t currently available — or doesn’t exist — at your company, create one so you don’t lose high performers.

Offer Flexibility

Chances are, you had as many employees as possible work remotely during the height of the pandemic — and some might still be doing so. Now that people know they can technically work from home, many won’t want to give this perk up. It’s fine if you don’t want to offer full remote capabilities, but if possible, give your team flexibility to have this arrangement at least some of the time. Helping them achieve a solid work-life balance will increase both engagement and job satisfaction levels.

Keep Them in the Loop

Your employees are invested in your organization. This is a place they’ve chosen to work and likely dedicate at least 40 hours per week, so it doesn’t feel great when they’re left in the dark. Show them the respect they deserve by always being open and honest about what’s going on with the company. Make sure they’re the first to know about updates — both good and bad — because anything else will create a disconnect.

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