Stand out During Your Interview With THESE Tips

Finding a job you’re interested in is hard work — but that’s just the beginning. You made it past the screening process and you’ve been invited to interview for the position.

This is beyond exciting, so you should be proud of yourself, but now the real work begins. You’re likely vying against several other equally qualified candidates, so you need to seek out interviewing tips and support to put your best self forward.

Use this advice to make it clear you’re the right person for the job.

Four Tips to Stand Out in Your Job Interview

Research the Company

No one wants to hire someone willing to take a job at any company. Instead, interviewers seek out candidates with a clear interest in their organization. You will be asked what you know about the company, so learn as much about it as possible to prove you’re excited about this particular opportunity. Accomplish this by carefully reading the company website, blog, social media pages and checking for any recent news updates.

Make a Connection

People want to hire candidates they like, so go out of your way to forge a bond with the interviewer. You’ll likely know their first and last name prior to the big day, so conduct an online search to see if they have any public social media profiles you can access — i.e., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Look for details you have in common with them — i.e., same hometown, alma mater, favorite football team — and find a way to stealthily work this information into conversation, without of course revealing your detective work.

Ask Thought-Provoking Questions

A job interview is a two-way street, so you’re expected to ask questions as well. Surface-level inquiries on topics like salary and benefits won’t make a great impression, because they have nothing to do with the job itself.

Instead, show your desire to learn about the position by asking questions like “What are your goals for the new hire’s first 90 days?” and “Why is the position empty?” This will help you better gage your fit for the job, while simultaneously making your genuine interest clear.

Quantify Your Worth

The hiring manager is interested in what you can bring to the position — not what the job will do for your career. Therefore, it’s important to really emphasize your value by putting numbers behind it.

For example, instead of simply saying you came up with a process that saved your previous money, clarify that it cut costs by 25%. Numbers don’t lie, so this will give the interviewer a better sense of what you have to offer.

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