Knowing Your Limits With Workplace Lifting…Why You Should Never Ignore an Injury

The other day at work, you sustained what you believe is a minor lifting injury. Right now, it’s just a little sore, so you don’t think it’s necessary to get it checked out by a doctor.

However, this isn’t wise. HTSS, Inc. fills a lot of warehouse temp jobs in Lehigh Valley, so our team is very familiar with this line of work.

Generally speaking, warehouse jobs are safe, but the physical nature of the work presents plenty of hazards — including those associated with lifting. The last thing you want is for a seemingly small injury to evolve into something larger, just because you decided not to visit the doctor.

Still not convinced you need medical attention? Here’s a look at why it’s always best to proceed with caution.

Three Reasons to Never Ignore an Injury

Prompt Treatment Offers Best Results

Generally speaking, the sooner your injury is treated, the better the prognosis. If you think about it, this makes sense, because proceeding as normal with an injury will only make it worse. Seeking treatment immediately following the injury will allow you know exactly what’s going on and how to resolve the situation, so you can heal as quickly as possible.

Decrease Your Chances of a Long-Term Condition or Chronic Pain

If left untreated, your injury could cause problems for years — or the rest of your life. For example, pain in your lower back could actually be a slipped disk. Without treatment, this can cause poor posture, frequent muscle spasms or even permanent nerve damage.

It Can Lower Your Quality of Life

If a lifting injury seriously damages your body, it will impact many aspects of your life. You won’t be able to do the warehouse work you’re accustomed to and many activities you enjoy in your personal life will also be off-limits. Additionally, if you suffer from chronic pain, you’ll be uncomfortable a lot of the time, which will be unpleasant.

If you’re searching for a new warehouse job in the Lehigh Valley, allow HTSS, Inc. to assist. We take pride in connecting hardworking people like you with the area’s top employers. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for you!

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