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How Hard Will It Be to Get a Job After COVID-19?

No doubt about it — 2020 has been a really rough year. The COVID-19 pandemic has essentially eliminated many Lehigh Valley jobs. As of September 2020, the unemployment rate was approximately 7.4%, which is nearly double that of the same time period one year earlier.

You’re looking forward to getting back into the warehouse and doing the work you enjoy. However, you’re already anxious about what the post-pandemic job market will look like. This is a fair concern, but proper planning can help you land a new warehouse job you truly enjoy. Use this advice to get ahead.

4 Tips to Help You Find a New Job After the Pandemic

Broaden Your Horizons

Knowing exactly what you want in a new warehouse job is fantastic. However, you might not have as much room to be selective right after the pandemic. The last job you held — one you really enjoyed — might become seriously competitive or largely obsolete. Therefore, it’s important to be a little more flexible than usual when searching for jobs.

Being open to a new shift, a different part of town or a job you haven’t previously held can help you get hired faster. Earn a paycheck, continue boosting your resume and when the job market calms down, you can be more selective with your search — if you’re not happy where you’re at.

Get New Certifications

Make yourself more marketable by gaining at least one certification — i.e., forklift operator. This will give you a competitive edge, because you’ll be eligible for more jobs. Using your time away from the workforce to boost your skills will also impress potential employers, because it shows ambition and a genuine passion for warehouse work.

Work With a Recruiter

Many warehouses don’t post job openings publicly. Working with a recruiter is the only way you’ll find these positions, so reach out to a local staffing professional and let them know what types of jobs you’re interested in. Beyond helping you connect with top local employers, they’ll also work with you to prepare for the interview and provide valuable post-interview feedback.

Start Early

You might think it doesn’t make sense to start looking for a new warehouse position now, because the unemployment rate clearly indicates there aren’t enough jobs to go around. However, this isn’t the best approach, because you could still land your dream job right now.

It’s also wise to start early, since it will likely take longer to get hired and unemployment rates could climb even hire. Go into your search expecting a marathon, not a sprint, and you’ll be just fine.

If you lost your job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, HTSS, Inc. is here for you. Plenty of outstanding Lehigh Valley employers are hiring right now, so contact us today to get back to work as soon as possible!



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