How to Effectively Take a Break at Work When You “Just Need a Minute”

For the most part, you enjoy your job. You get to do interesting work and be part of an incredible team. However, that doesn’t mean the job can’t be stressful or tedious at times. 

Therefore, sometimes you just need to take a quick break to recharge. All breaks are not created equal, so here’s some advice to help you start maximizing this time to yourself.

Four Ways to Make the Most of a Break

Time It Right

Some moments of the day are better than others to step away for a few minutes. It’s important to choose an opportune time, because you’ll be better able to relax. If you know you have an urgent email to reply to or your co-worker is relying on you to complete a pressing task, you’ll be focused on that, instead of using this time to clear your mind.

Get Away From the Computer

Chances are, you spend most of the day in front of a computer at your desk. Therefore, spending your break online doesn’t make much sense. If possible, take a quick walk outside to get some fresh air or at least get up and do some stretches at your desk. This will get your blood flowing and help you return to the task at hand feeling refreshed.

Have a Quick Chat

Use your break to have a non-work conversation with someone. This might mean talking to a colleague about a Netflix show you’re both watching or sending a quick text to a friend. Enjoying a quick personal chat will allow you to disconnect for a few minutes, which is sometimes exactly what you need.

Eat a Healthy Snack

It’s hard to function when you’re hungry. Use your quick break to refuel with a healthy snack. If you’re like many people, you might forget to eat when you’re really busy at work. The feeling of fatigue that lead you to take the break could be a sign that your energy levels dropped, because you’re running on empty.

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