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The Key to Maintaining Your Productivity When Working From Home

If you weren’t already part of the remote workforce, there’s a good chance COVID-19 has at least temporarily forced you to join the ranks. Having the ability to work from home is pretty incredible, but it can also be a challenge 

Whether you’re home alone or trying to work in the midst of family chaos, staying on track isn’t always easy when there’s no shortage of distractions. Productivity is largely a mindset, so the secret to maintaining your standard levels of output is simply following your usual work routine  at least as much as possible. 

Here’s some advice to help your remote workdays become more efficient. 

Four Ways to Maintain a Normal Routine When Working From Home 

Get Dressed 

It sounds very simple, but if you’re like many people, pajamas become a 24/7 uniform when working from home. Being comfortable is great, but there’s something about wearing real clothes that makes you want to be more productive. There’s no need to wear standard business casual attire, but slipping on a pair of jeans  or least loungewear you don’t sleep in  will make you feel more inspired. 

Keep the Same Work Hours 

If your work hours are more flexible at home, it might be even more difficult to stay on track, because your day lacks structure. Avoid this by holding the same work hours, so you’re accomplishing tasks at the same time of day you would at the office. This adds a sense of normalcy to your day, which will help you stay engaged. 

Find a Quiet Space to Work 

Working from home technically means you can watch television all day, but few people are actually able to do this while remaining productive. Avoid distractions by turning a spare bedroom or a quiet corner into your workspace. This will help you concentrate, so you’re able to focus on work, instead of everything else you could be doing at home. 

Take Breaks 

Just as you would during a day at the office, it’s important to take breaks when working from home. Going for a walk, taking cat nap, or making a delicious lunch will refresh your mind and help you return to your work laptop feeling refreshed. While your home office is likely more relaxed than your office environment, breaks are still a crucial part of a productive workday. 

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