Voluntold – Why You Should Have a Community Service Day for Your Company

When the best and brightest candidates look for jobs in Bethlehem, PA, they seek out companies they’d be proud to work for. More than just the job itself, they want to be part of a team that really cares about the local community.

Therefore, the importance of making giving back part of your company culture cannot be emphasized enough. Here’s what you have to gain by giving employees a paid volunteer day — and making it a regular occurrence.

Four Benefits of Having a Community Service Day

Increase Employee Engagement

As noted above, people want to be part of a company that plays an active role in the local community. Gathering the team for a volunteer day will make them feel proud to work for your company. It will also increase their loyalty because people who are satisfied with their employer are much less likely to leave.

Create a Stronger Sense of Team

Joining forces for the greater good brings people together. Getting out of the office and working on a volunteer project together will give your team an amazing shared experience to bond over. When they return to the office, your employees will be closer than ever, and the quality of their work will reflect that.

Boost Your Public Image

People like doing business with a company that cares about the community. Good news has a way of traveling fast, so when people hear about the volunteer work your employees completed, they’ll be impressed. Enhancing your public image will boost business because people want to support companies that do great things.

Do the Right Thing

Your local area is a great place — that’s why you choose to live there. A big part of what makes a community so amazing is the people in it, and their willingness to help one another. Some people aren’t as fortunate as you and your employees, so lending a helping hand is the right thing to do. You’re in a position to make a positive impact on the lives of others, so take advantage of it.

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