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5 Reasons to Take a Break Throughout the Day Instead of Working a Solid 8 Hours

You take pride in being a hard worker. When you come into the office each day, you start working and don’t look up until it’s time to go home. 

While professional jobs in Lehigh ValleyPA do require hard work, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take breaks. Here’s a look at what you have to gain by giving yourself a few breaks throughout the day, instead of working eight hours nonstop. 

Reduce Stress

Being hard at work all day can be stressful. Taking breaks allows you to relax your mind and relieve the tension you’re feeling. Getting a breath of fresh air or a cup of coffee can help you put things in perspective, so you’re able to go back to work with a brighter outlook. This can also help you get a lot better with your co-workers, as disagreements tend to occur when people are stressed. 

Become More Productive 

You can only charge ahead at full speed for so long before you lose steam. Stopping for a break every few hours allows you to recharge your batteries, so you can come back to work with more energy. You’ll actually accomplish more each day because you’ll be more productive during the time you’re working. 

Get Healthier

Sitting at your desk all day isn’t great for your health. Being sedentary for long periods at a time can cause a myriad of health conditions, including back problems, obesity and heart disease. Taking a 10-minute walk around the block or making time to go out and buy a healthy lunch  instead of eating lunch or skipping it altogether  can improve your health and help you feel better than ever. 

Bond With Your Coworkers

If your head is always buried in a pile of work, it’s hard to get to know your colleagues. Allowing yourself to accept invitations to lunches and spend a few minutes chatting in the kitchen will help you develop stronger relationships with your peers. This will make work more fun and being more comfortable around these people will make you a more effective team member. 

Boost Creativity

Hard work is exhausting. It can be difficult to think of new ideas when you’re tapped out of creative energy. Taking breaks allows you to clear your head, so you can come back to work feeling refreshed. Even a quick change of scenery can inspire you and get your creative energy flowing again. 

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