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Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Talk Bad About Your Current Job on Social Media

Whether you’re searching for warehouse jobs in Allentown, PA right now or not, cleaning up your social media habits is a must. Social networks are a fun way to connect with others, but certain topics — i.e., complaints about your job — should always be off-limits.

If you’re frustrated about your warehouse job, phone a friend instead of posting about it online. Putting this type of negative content out in the public realm — even with privacy settings — will come back to haunt you. Here’s a more in-depth look at why it’s always a bad idea to use this forum to voice your discontent.

Three Reasons to Not Complain About Your Job on Social Media

You Could Get Fired

Chances are, you haven’t read every word in your employee manual. If you did, you might discover a language that explicitly states you could be fired for posting negative content about your job on social media.

In fact, 34% of employers have reprimanded or fired an employee due to social media content found online, according to CareerBuilder. Learn from other people’s mistakes, instead of following in their footsteps.

You Risk Burning Bridges

Even if ranting about your company doesn’t get you fired, it can still wreak havoc on your professional life. Putting privacy settings in place might keep your boss from seeing your content on their own, but that doesn’t mean a colleague you’re connected to won’t bring it to their attention.

Venting about your job might provide instant gratification, but it ends there. When the rush of airing your grievances to your network wears off, you might have to face the fact that you’ve done irreversible damage.

Future Employers Might See It

Nearly three-quarters — 70% — of employers use social networking sites to screen candidates, according to CareerBuilder. Furthermore, 57% have found content that caused them not to hire the person.

The last thing you want is a social media rant posted in frustration about your job to keep you from getting another. If a potential employer sees negative content about your current job, they’ll assume their company will eventually be your target. Putting this information out there makes you appear unhinged, which won’t get you far in a job search.

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