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How to Leave Your Job Without Burning Bridges

You’ve been searching for great jobs hiring in Allentown, PA, for a while now, and you finally found one. An offer was extended, you accepted it, and in a few short weeks, you’ll be starting work at a new warehouse.

This is incredibly exciting news, but first, you need to gracefully exit your current job. Whether leaving is bittersweet or the best thing to happen to you in a long time, it’s important to avoid burning bridges at all costs. Follow this advice to depart your current position the right way.

Four Tips to Leave Your Job on a High Note

Share the News With Your Boss First

No matter how you feel about your manager, they deserve to find out you’re quitting from you. Before informing any of your coworkers of your impending departure, take your boss aside and break the news. They’ll respect you for letting them know first and will appreciate the opportunity to figure out a plan before the rest of the team finds out.

Offer to Help Find Your Replacement

Chances are, your boss won’t be able to hire someone new before you leave. However, you can provide valuable input before you leave that will help them make a great hire. For example, most positions change over time, so volunteer to re-write the job description, because no one knows the role better than you. If your employer is particularly speedy, you might even be able to sit in on a few interviews.

Work to Ease the Transition

Since it’s unlikely your replacement will join the team before your last day, your co-workers will probably have to divide up your key responsibilities. Make this as easy as possible for them by providing training and leaving written instructions for each task. This will help ease the pressure of the added work they’ll be doing — likely without extra pay.

Behave Like a Professional Through Your Last Day

When you’re on your way out of a job, it’s tempting to slack off. However, showing up late for your shift, leaving early and doing minimal work in between makes you look bad and places an extra burden on your colleagues. As long as you’re getting paid, you need to work as usual, because it’s the right thing to do.

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