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Are Your Job Postings Deterring Potential Office Superstars?

There’s a lot of great jobs hiring in Reading, PA. When searching for opportunities, a job posting is the first impression potential applicants get of an open position on your team. If nothing about the job stands out, top talent will quickly move on the next.

If you’re not receiving resumes from the caliber of candidate you want to hire, the job description is likely to blame. Here are a few tips to help you craft a posting that catches the eye of the most talented candidates.

Four Ways to Spruce Up Your Job Descriptions

Stop Posting Outdated Content

Recycling old job descriptions every time a position becomes available is certainly convenient, but taking the easy way out will backfire. Most jobs change over time, so posting the same stale content is misleading. It can also deter top talent because they’ll think your company is stuck in a time warp if the description is filled with outdated processes and duties. No matter how crunched for time you are, writing a new job description every time the position becomes available is a must.

Focus on Key Responsibilities

The best and brightest candidates won’t apply for a position with ambiguous responsibilities. They want to know exactly what they’d be doing if hired, so offer as many details as possible. Make it easy to scan by using bullet points to list the most pertinent tasks associated with the job. This will provide a quick snapshot of the opportunity that can help the reader decide if it’s a good fit.

Highlight Compensation and Benefits

You don’t want to hire someone who is only interested in salary and fringe benefits, but these things do matter. Since they play a big role in the quality of life, top talent wants to know they’re applying for a job where they’ll be taken care of. Including a salary range — or an exact number if there’s no room for negotiation — and some of the top benefits offered by your company ensures you’re on the same page with applicants from the start.

Detail Specific Qualifications

Applying for a job the right way requires a notable time investment. The best candidates will research your company and tailor your resume to fit the position, so they want to make sure they have a fair chance of being considered. Therefore, it’s important to share specific requirements associated with the job — both minimum requirements and nice-to-haves — so they can gauge their fit.

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