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5 Safety Guidelines for Pallet Jack Use

If you’re looking for warehouse jobs hiring in Reading, PA, there’s a good chance you’ll be using a pallet jack. Designed to lift and move pallets around a warehouse, a pallet jack is crucial to warehouse operations.

Since they’re frequently used in a warehouse, pallet jacks will likely be in constant motion around you but do realize, they’re heavy machinery. Here are a few tips for safe operation.

Five Safety Guidelines for Pallet Jack Use

Inspect Before Use

Prior to using a pallet jack, conduct a check to make sure the machine appears to be in good working condition. Take a look at the controls to confirm they’re working properly and inspect the wheels to ensure they’re sturdy. Performing proper due diligence will decrease the chance of issues with a load during the ride.

Check Your Route

Before embarking on your journey, take a quick look to make sure the route you’re planning to take is both clear and safe to drive on. Bring a co-worker with you if your load is large enough to obstruct even part of your view.

Exercise Proper Pallet Maintenance

Prior to using a pallet, inspect it to make sure none of its sections are loose or rotten. Even if you’ve just used the pallet to carry a load, always inspect it again before use, to make sure the previous load didn’t weaken the boards. When finished with pallets, store them in a dry part of the warehouse to keep them in good working condition.

Speak Up When You Spot an Issue

If you even suspect something might be wrong with a pallet jack, report it immediately. This includes jacks that are damaged, worn, contain a failing hydraulic unit, have flat spots on wheels or wheels that otherwise aren’t rolling well and more. This can prevent an accident that could cause serious injury.

Use Only as Intended

Pallet jacks are heavy machinery, so treat them as such. Don’t stand on them and never hop on one for a joyride around the warehouse. When used as intended, they’re safe, but they can be very dangerous when handled improperly. If you see someone else using a pallet jack for unintended purposes, say something immediately. Intervening can stop a serious accident from occurring.

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