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A Three-Minute Lesson on Pallet Rack Safety

Whether you’re looking for warehouse jobs in Bethlehem or trying to fill them, there’s a pretty solid chance the work environment you’re seeking or are already in contains plenty of pallets. When used properly, these movable platforms are essentially harmless, but trouble can arise if safety precautions aren’t followed.

Questions regarding pallet safety might come up during a job interview, but even if the subject isn’t broached, all team members need this information. Being in the know can make the difference between a safe day at work and one involving significant injury.

Three Crucial Pallet Safety Tips

Find the Capacity

All pallets aren’t created equal, so always check the capacity of the one in front of you before loading. You’ll need to find both the load and the configuration it was designed to support, because all elements must align to ensure safety. If this information isn’t posted on the rack, dig deep to find the manufacturer specs. Don’t put anything on the pallet until you’ve uncovered these key details.

Get Informed

Your work isn’t done after finding the specs. Before loading products onto the pallet, make sure you really understand the manner in which capacities are calculated and applied.

For example, when measuring beam capacity, do note that beams are graded by the pair and for loads evenly distributed. Pallet capacity can be reduced if support is required for the load. On the other hand, frame capacity is measured by the vertical space between beam levels and the construction of the frame. Capacity can actually rise as levels are added, so take the time to learn about the load in front of you.

Be Gentle

It might sound a little crazy, but the number one reason racks tumble is because they get hit. Avoid this by making sure column protectors are in place on columns facing aisles and guard rails at the ends of rack rows, providing sufficient space for forklifts to navigate aisles and ensuring pallets are properly loaded onto forklifts. There must be enough space around and between pallets to ensure safe lifting and compliance with local fire codes, so plan accordingly.

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