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How Do You Answer the ‘Why Our Company?’ Interview Question?

Question Originally Appeared on Quora: “How Do You Answer the ‘Why Our Company?’ Interview Question?”

When searching for jobs in Lehigh Valley, PA, you probably submit your resume to plenty of opportunities, but hiring managers don’t need to know that. Rightfully so, employers think their company is special, so they want to hire a candidate who shares this belief.

During an interview, if you can’t explain why the job interests you, don’t expect to be hired. Follow this advice to provide an outstanding response to this common interview question.

Be Specific

Interviewers really dig deep with this one, so a vague response won’t get you very far. Before the big meeting, search for recent press on the company and review its website, blog and social media sites to learn as much as possible about it. Use this information to explain exactly why the company caught your eye. For example, you might be impressed with the its commitment to innovation.

You’ll also want to clarify why the job itself interests you. A great way to do this is to explain how key responsibilities associated with the position align with your skill set.

Emphasize Your Cultural Fit

Even more important than having the skills to excel at the job is having the right personality. Using the research you conducted, explain that your personal values align with that of the organization’s, so you were naturally drawn to it. For example, if the company philosophy largely centers on philanthropy and being part of the local community, mention your charity work.

If you’re able to gain a strong sense of the work environment, you can also explain why it fits your personality. For example, perhaps you thrive in a collaborative space, which is clearly what the company’s open office setting promotes.

Show Enthusiasm

If you can’t muster excitement about a position during the job interview, you never will. Hiring managers are aware of this, and they won’t extend an offer to anyone who doesn’t appear thrilled by the prospect of joining their team. Make it clear this is the place you want to be by smiling a lot, maintaining an optimistic attitude and displaying positive body language — i.e. sitting up straight, maintaining good eye contact and keeping your arms unfolded.

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