How Would You Answer This Job Interview Question: Why Shouldn’t I Hire You?

Question Originally Appeared on Quora: “How Would You Answer This Job Interview Question: ‘Why Shouldn’t I Hire You?’”

Companies take a huge risk on new hires, so many use a no-holds-barred approach in the interview process. This means you can expect to be asked seemingly crazy questions like “Why shouldn’t I hire you?” As one of the top employment agencies in Bethlehem, PA, HTSS, Inc. understands why employers take this route.

Of course, when trying to land a new job, the last thing you want is to convince the hiring manager not to choose you. This question can catch even the most qualified, skilled candidate off-guard, so assume you will be asked it and devise a killer response during your interview prep work.

How NOT to Answer ‘Why Shouldn’t I Hire You?’

  • Claiming there is no reason. The interviewer knows you’re not perfect. Insisting there are zero drawbacks to hiring you might seem like the obvious response, but it’s not. This question is asked for a reason, so if you offer nothing up, you’ll appear overconfident.
  • Providing negative information about yourself. This might seem contradictory, but you also don’t want to actually give the interviewer reasons not to hire you. For example, saying you shouldn’t be hired because you often come into work late or don’t enjoy taking orders from others will have you swiftly shown the door.

The Best Response to ‘Why Shouldn’t I Hire You?’

Answering this question is definitely tricky, but there is a way to do it without insinuating you’re the best thing that could ever happen to the organization or slandering yourself. To accomplish this, highlight a quality that will make you shine at this company, but might not be viewed favorably by all employers

For example, if the company culture is highly collaborative, use this to your advantage by saying you shouldn’t be hired if the ideal candidate is someone who enjoys completing most work on a solo basis.

Prior to the interview, gather as much information on the company as possible, so you’re equipped to provide the kind of response that boosts your chances of getting the job, instead of inadvertently throwing yourself to the wolves.

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