Why All Warehouse Employees Should Have Past History on a Resume

You’re all about living in the moment, so when it comes to your resume, you don’t see the point of relaying past work experience. Having a forward-thinking attitude is great, but warehouse managers — and those hiring for most other types of jobs — want to learn as much as possible about candidates.

If you want to be considered for the best warehouse jobs in Bethlehem, PA and the surrounding area, you need to present a resume that provides a thorough look at your skills, experience, work history and education. Anything else just won’t cut it.

Three Reasons to Include Work Experience on Your Resume

Showcase Relevant Jobs

Prior experience isn’t always required for warehouse jobs, but it never hurts. Even if the warehouse roles you’ve previously held differ from the one you’re trying to land, your application will carry more weight if the reader knows you’ve worked in this type of setting before. This implies you’re familiar with important topics specific to the warehouse environment — i.e., safety standards — so training you would be easier than someone starting from scratch.

Highlight Transferrable Skills

Even if you’ve never worked in a warehouse, including employment history on your resume can help prove your fit for the job. Many skills you’ve garnered in previous positions will also be utilized in a warehouse setting. For example, if you’ve worked as an administrative assistant in the past, the attention to detail and ability to follow directions required to be successful in that job is also needed for a warehouse sorter position.

Present Yourself as a Qualified Candidate

You’re a talented professional with a lot to offer any warehouse, but omitting your work history from your resume gives the impression you have something to hide. The reader will be left to assume you have trouble holding a job or have left previous positions on a bad note. Other candidates will include a full employment history on their resume, so don’t sabotage your chances of getting hired by not adhering to the status quo.

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