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What Will You Say If an Interviewer Says “You Have 10 Minutes to Impress Me”?

Question Originally Appeared on Quora: What Will You Say If an Interviewer Says “You Have 10 Minutes to Impress Me”?

In life, first impressions are everything, and job interviews are no exception. Going into an interview, you never know what questions you’ll be asked, so you have to be prepared for anything. Every interviewer has their own style, and if you want to be their top choice, you have to quickly adjust to it.

Whether you’re searching for jobs in Allentown, PA or anywhere else, being put on the spot is part of the interview process, so if an interviewer sits back and gives you the floor for 10 minutes, you just have to run with it. Follow these tips to craft a winning response to this awkward interview question.

Demonstrate Cultural Fit

Like any good job seeker, you’ll conduct plenty of research about the company culture prior to the interview. Use this knowledge to position yourself as the perfect addition to the team. Mention shared values, beliefs and workstyles that make it clear you’re the natural choice for the position.

Showcase Your Value

The interviewer isn’t interested in what the job will do for your career — they only want to know what you have to offer the company. Make it impossible not to choose you by sharing a few ways you can have a positive impact on the company. For example, you might mention a problem the company is currently facing and what you would do to solve it.

Ask Intelligent Questions

You don’t have to commandeer the floor for all 10 minutes. Turn the tables by asking thought-provoking questions that show you’re really trying to envision yourself in the job. Steer clear of anything related to salary, benefits or work hours, and opt for questions solely focused on the job and the company. For example, find out about the biggest challenges associated with the job and/or how training will be conducted.

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