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How Do You Find a Job After College?

Question Originally Appeared on Quora: How Do You Find a Job After College?

You spent the past four years working hard to earn your college degree, but now that you’ve graduated, you’ve quickly realized a diploma alone won’t get you a job. It’s beyond frustrating when your job search keeps you running in circles — getting turned down for jobs because you don’t have experience, but unable to find anyone willing to give you that experience.

Lehigh County employment can be a competitive realm for even the most experienced candidates, so getting a strong start can be a challenge. Of course, this is also a problem nationally, as the Accenture Strategy 2016 U.S. College Graduate Employment Study found that 51% of recent grads feel underemployed.

While getting a job as a new grad is certainly a challenge, it’s not impossible. Use these tips to get your “in” with a great company.

5 Tips to Find a Job After College

Get an Internship

An intern is the last thing you thought you’d be after graduating college, but open your mind to the possibility if the right opportunity comes along. This is a great way to flesh out your resume and expand your list of professional contacts. Plus, companies often hire outstanding interns, so this could be your big break.

Focus on Networking

Sitting behind a screen uploading your resume to job boards will only get you so far. Hiring decisions are a huge risk, so managers want to choose people they know and trust. Join the local chapter of your school’s alumni association and at least one professional group in your industry and attend as many events as possible. Who you know can make all the difference in your job search.

Do Volunteer Work

It’s a great way to give back to your community and volunteering looks amazing on your resume. Donate your time to a cause close to your heart in a role similar to one you’d like hold permanently. The skills and experience you gain will turn you into a more competitive candidate and you’ll make plenty of new contacts to add to your network.

Consider Temporary Opportunities

Until now, you’ve probably only considered traditional full-time opportunities, but give temp work a chance. Your recruiter will help you become a seriously competitive candidate by placing you in roles relevant to your goals for the future. This is a quick way to seriously boost your skills and experience, so employers will stop passing you up.

Take Advantage of Career Services

Your college or university likely has a robust career services department dedicated to helping students and alums find jobs, so use this benefit. The school might have a relationship with certain employers who give special consideration to grads from your alma mater, which might serve as your career-launching experience.

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