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Four Affordable Gifts to Give Your Team This Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially in full swing, so if you haven’t decided what to get your staffers, it’s time to buckle down and give this some serious consideration. While you’re never obligated to give your employees holiday gifts, it’s a nice gesture to show gratitude for their hard work throughout the year.

Don’t sweat it if you’re working with a limited budget. There’s plenty of affordable-yet-fantastic gift options sure to please your team. Use these suggestions from HTSS, Inc. — one of the leading job agencies in Allentown, PA — to find gifts your employees will actually like at a price you can afford.

Gift Cards

Everyone appreciates gift cards, so present each staffer with one to somewhere you know they like. This can be anything from $10 to Starbucks to $50 for dinner at the Olive Garden, as long as it’s something they’ll happily use. In most cases, it shouldn’t be hard to find at least one favorite retail store or restaurant for each employee on your list, but if you’re really unsure, stick with a generic Visa or American Express gift card.

Tickets to Something Fun

Obviously, gifting an employee with $200 concert tickets doesn’t fit into the affordable category, but there’s plenty of local events that don’t cost an arm and a leg. From tickets to a play at your local community theater to passes to a museum you know the person has been wanting to visit or even a pair of movie tickets, this is sure to be a hit.

Bottle of Alcohol

For employees who drink, a bottle of wine, scotch, whiskey or whatever they enjoy is the gift that keeps on giving. Every variety of alcohol has bottles under $20 critics swear by, so figure out each person’s preference, conduct research to find a budget-friendly steal and take pride in being an awesome boss.

Holiday Treats

The holidays are made for indulging, so present your staffers with some decadent foods they probably wouldn’t buy themselves. Companies like Harry & David and Godiva offer everything from fruit and bakery items to gourmet chocolates. It doesn’t take much digging to find a sale or a promo code, so you can likely score a fantastic deal on a delicious gift.

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