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Are Your Team-Building Events Helpful? Or a Giant Waste of Time?

When properly executed, team-building events can be hugely beneficial to your company, but all activities will not create your desired impact. If you’ve recently held a couple events in Emmaus, PA to strengthen your team, it’s time to step back and assess the outcome to make sure you’re not wasting time and resources.

Three Questions to Gauge the Success of Your Team-Building Events

Are employees having a good time?

When choosing team-building events, your options are nearly endless, so keep your audience in mind. If your employees dread participating in the selected activity, they’re not going to get anything from the experience. On the other hand, your plan is probably working if most people look forward to the events and really seem to enjoy joining in.

Do the events help build stronger bonds?

Quite obviously, team-building events are designed to bring your staffers closer together, so assess the progress made since you started planning these activities. You’re definitely doing something right if people have become much more comfortable with one another and the team seems stronger than ever, but if you’ve noticed little-to-no change it’s probably time to adjust your strategy.

What are people taking away from the events?

More than just a way to bond, the best team-building activities help employees learn and grow. Whether you want your staffers to sharpen their problem-solving skills, learn to think creatively or achieve any other objective, you must plan the right activities. If you’re seeing positive improvements after the team-building experience, you’re on the right track, but otherwise, your well-intentioned events are likely serving no purpose.

Sending an anonymous survey around to your employees is another great way to gauge the helpfulness of your team-building activities. Most people probably won’t be comfortable admitting they hate the exercises or view them as pointless during a face-to-face conversation with you, but they’ll be more willing to divulge their true feelings anonymously.

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