A Look Into Health and Wellness: The Impact Your Shoes Have on Your Job

For many people, shopping for shoes is a fun — albeit necessary — way to complete an outfit, but if you work in a warehouse or any other setting where standing is part of the job, the shoes you choose directly impacts your health and wellness. Unlike many office jobs where employees pretty much have the freedom to wear any type of shoes they want —within reason — you need to take shoe shopping very seriously.

Wearing proper footwear can make all the difference in helping you avoid slips and falls when walking on slick surfaces and much more hazardous issues, such as foot burns caused by chemical splashes and foot punctures from stepping on a nail. It can also deter common health concerns that stem from standing all day, such as blisters, back problems, arthritis, and sprains.

3 Tips for Buying Proper Workplace Footwear

Follow these guidelines from the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society (AOFAS) when buying your next pair of work shoes.

Have Both Feet Measured

You may have worn the same size work boots for 20 years, but that doesn’t mean the shoe still fits. The size and shape of your feet can change — and both may not be the same — so always have a salesperson measure you before buying a new pair of shoes.

Don’t Get Measured at the Beginning of the Day

Feet typically swell throughout the day, so get measured at the end of the day to ensure the size you choose will keep you comfortable throughout your entire shift. The last thing you want is a pair of work boots that chafes the back of your feet toward the end of your work day.

Buy Shoes that Fit Right Now

Shoes don’t tend to stretch, so buying a pair of shoes that fit a bit snug and hoping they’ll stretch probably won’t end well. If the shoes don’t feel comfortable when you try them on, keep searching for the right size until you find it.

Additionally, the OAFAS recommends buying a new pair of work shoes approximately every six months, as even top quality shoes eventually experience wear and tear. Of course, this may vary according to the brand of shoe and the nature of your job, so if the steel toe or metatarsal becomes visible, head to the shoe store right away.

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