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How to Respond when Stress Kicks In

As much as we like to avoid it, being stressed out on the job is sometimes inevitable. Deadlines, customer complaints, or other unforeseen events can cause even the most stoic person’s blood pressure to rise. The real challenge lies within the ability to respond productively before causing more damage than the stress dictates.

4 Ways to Respond When Stress Kicks in at the Office

Don’t Respond Immediately.

Never ever respond to someone when you’re angry or frustrated. This can be absolutely detrimental when the person you’re speaking with is a client or an employee. If you’re on the phone let them know you need to call them back. If you’re in the office, go somewhere private until you can calm down.

Be Honest with Others in Your Office.

If you are overwhelmed there is no moral victory in keeping that to yourself. Let others in your office know how you are feeling right now and what that may mean for the project you’re working on. Stress is no laughing matter and it is one of the leading causes of major health issues such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

Take a Walk.

It may be the best idea to simply get out of the office for a little while. Go for a long walk around the block or on another floor in your building. A change of scenery may be able to allow your brain to think about the problem in a different way and it will help calm you down.

Ask for Help.

If the stress is affecting your ability to complete your job don’t be afraid to ask for help. Talk with your manager or your coworkers. Find out the best ways to change the momentum and make the project productive again. Sometimes it just takes another pair of eyes or hands.

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