Your Organization is Only as Strong as its Leadership

The weakest link in your organization is not non-productive employees. A company is only as strong as its weakest leader. Strong leaders can’t make up for the least productive members of the management team. So how do you go about improving management from the inside out and creating a strong, innovative company?

5 Tips to Increase Workplace Leadership

Lead by example.

Your employees will become quickly disenfranchised if they see you doing the very things that you command that they do not do. You need to be able to lead by example. Be willing to do the same work that your employees do so they know that you are open to helping out and pitching in when needed.

Be a better communicator.

Assumptions can destroy working relationships. When you ask an employee to do something be as clear as absolutely possible. Don’t yell, don’t intimidate, and don’t be passive aggressive. Learn better communications skills.

Hire for complimentary skills.

Each of your employees should be part of a bigger and complete puzzle. Hiring carbon copies doesn’t provide all the necessary pieces for things to work smoothly. You want to hire based on complimentary skills. How will someone fit in with your existing team and what role with they fulfil?

Address conflict properly.

Conflict management and resolution can be tough for any manager. Some avoid conflict all together and let problems fester until it is far too late to be productive about it. Others like to use confrontation to intimidate their employees thinking it will produce better work. Neither is a good solution.

Empower future leaders.

Finally, you want to ensure that your team of today is training to be the leaders of tomorrow. Give them the tools and skills to self-manage and allow them to gain career growth by working with your company.

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