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What Does a Candidate’s Interview Tell You About Their Overall Work Ethic?

Interviewing has become a lost art form. Many hiring managers don’t really know what to ask or what to say during an interview and it quickly becomes a one sided conversation. With the right skills, a hiring manager can use this initial meeting to drill down to the core of each candidate, learn what makes them tick, and determine if they are a good fit for the open position. Here are the things a candidate’s interview should tell you about their overall work ethic.

  • How they handle real life situations. Behavioral questions offer you an opportunity to present real events that have or could happen in your office and determine their response. These questions should be centered around your specific business so you can really gauge how they will react when something similar occurs once they are on the job.
  • How they interact with others. You want to pay attention to their body language in the interview. You also want to see how they treat others they meet along the way. What was the receptionist’s impression of the candidate? You also want to ask them about their experience with previous coworkers and managers. While candidates are often coached to not speak negatively about their previous companies, they will reveal small snippets with the right questions.
  • How they treat your time. You also want to pay attention to how they respect your time. While hiring managers should also not be late to interviews and should follow up in a timely manner, paying attention to these habits in candidates will be a good way to see how they will act on the job. Are they late to interviews? How do they react when they arrive? Are they on time? Early?
  • How they talk about themselves. Finally, you want to see how their personality will match with your company culture and existing team. Some candidates may be more shy or modest and need additional coaching to answer questions completely. Others will have such a high level of confidence that it may border on arrogance. These personality traits will give you a better idea of how they will work in your business.

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