When is the Right Time to Start Looking for Candidates?

You are probably keenly aware that as soon as you need another individual to fill a role in your organization time is of the essence. However, there are a number of other considerations as well. How can you tell that growth is stable enough to making new hiring decisions? How do you backfill a position when someone leaves your organization? How do you make a smart choice from all of the available candidates? Here are some tips to help you better understand the right time to start looking for candidates.

  • Pay attention to the numbers.
    Steady growth can be one strong indicator of the need to hire more people to fill key positions. Not only will you need to pay the salaries of new employees but you also need to pay for the additional infrastructure such as equipment or office space. Tracking your financials is an extremely important step toward knowing when to expand.
  • Trust your intuition.
    On the flip side, too many business owners try to shoehorn everything into their organization by the book. Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts on the matter. Do you feel like more creative energy can move your business past a hump? Have you been utilizing temporary staff to fulfil specific needs on a regular basis? New hires can fill more than a business role.
  • Make your business plan.
    Each year, when you evaluate your budget and work on your business plan include a line item for potential hires. You should know what goals you need to reach and maintain in order to make hiring another person more feasible. Consider the needs your company will have in the future. For instance, you may be small enough to outsource your accounting functions now but if you experience significant growth it may be more cost effective to employ someone in house.
  • Partner with a staffing company.
    There will always be time when some needs arise unexpectedly. For those instances it is never a good idea to be stranded without a solution. Work with a local agency that can help you with short term assistance or long term hiring solutions. They will get to know your business needs and work with you to bring on the most qualified individuals for your company.

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