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How to Manage Different Personality Types in Your Office

A good manager understands how to communicate with a variety of people depending on their specific personality traits. If you are managing a number of individuals you may find that the difference in the personalities of your staff can be overwhelming when each member requires different communication styles. What are the best ways to effectively manage different personality styles in your office? Here are 5 different types of people you may work with and tips for communication and management.

  • The New Recruit.
    The new employee will always require more management than more seasoned employees. Make sure that you have a proper onboarding program to integrate the new employee not only into the duties of the job but also the culture and expectations. Have them work with mentors who have similar personalities. Switch it up occasionally to have them work with someone very different from themselves. These opportunities will give them a chance to become part of the team.
  • The Company Man.
    Anyone who lives and breathes your company’s business and products is the company man. This person will refer to the organization and “we” and “us.” They want to please management so tap into their eagerness by trusting them to take on additional projects. They will be your best sales tool so give them projects like managing your company brand on social media.
  • Type A Personality.
    The Type A employee is ambitious and time oriented. They tend to get stressed easily because they want to push themselves to perform better and better by taking on more and more. The best way to handle a Type A employee is to provide them with additional tasks that play toward their desire to move up in the company. You can let them do their job without micromanaging them and just checking in from time to time.
  • The Creative Innovator.
    Someone who doesn’t quite march to the beat of the same drummer is often the most creative and innovative person on your team. They may become easily distracted as they think of new and interesting things that they can do. Harness this and your company will constantly make excellent breakthroughs in your products and services. Keep them on track by allowing them to stay creative and giving their more task oriented work to the worker bees.
  • The Worker Bee.
    This person loves processes and procedures and will always make sure to do everything by the book. They are also heads down workers and may prefer to be left alone than be overly managed or overly social on the job. Every company needs individuals like this who support the innovators. Use their ingrained organizational skills to your advantage and they will be happy on the job.

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