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Even the Top Professionals Need a Career Mentor… Here’s Why

You’ve been really successful in your career, and you’ve done it on your own. This is a major accomplishment that should make you very proud — but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t benefit from having someone in your corner.

Specifically, taking on a career mentor can be an invaluable resource. The knowledge you can gain from someone who has been in your shoes can boost your career in ways you’ve never imagined.

Still not convinced? Here’s a look at what you have to gain by finding a mentor in your field.

Four Reasons You Need a Mentor

Encourage Professional Growth

You’re already in a great place in your career, so you might be content with that. The thing is, you’re a talented person who should always be looking for their next challenge. When you have a mentor, they’ll push you to reach your potential. Instead of allowing you to be content with the status quo, they’ll encourage you to keep learning new skills, set ambitious goals and really focus on getting to the next chapter of your career.

Offer Specific Guidance

It can be hard to know exactly what to do to take the next step in your career — which is exactly where your recruiter comes in. Since they’ve been in your position, they have the firsthand knowledge needed to help you get ahead. This can include identifying skills gaps, suggesting resume-boosting projects to take on and recommending certifications that can give you a competitive edge.

Hold You Accountable

If no one holds you accountable for reaching your career goals, it can be easy to slack off. However, when you work with a mentor, they’ll expect regular status reports. This will motivate you to work hard, because you won’t want to let someone down who has invested so much time and energy into you.

Grow Your Network

Your mentor has already proved their generosity by volunteering their time to boost your career, but their kindness likely won’t stop there. They genuinely want to help you succeed, so it’s almost inevitable that they’ll be willing to share their contacts with you. Whether they introduce you to a hiring manager currently looking to fill a position seemingly made for you or someone in your department at a company you’d really like to work for, who they know can get you far.

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