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How to Avoid Being Ignored During Your Application Process

It’s been awhile since you started your job search, but you haven’t gotten very far. You’re disappointed about this, because you know you’re a talented professional with a lot to offer any company.

A few quick fixes is likely all it will take to raise your profile and turn you into a coveted candidate. Here’s some advice to help you start turning your job search around for the better.

5 Tips to Ensure Your Resume is Noticed

Tailor It For Each Opportunity

Gone are the days when you could submit a generic resume for every job. Modern hiring managers expect candidates to tailor their resumes for each specific posting. This requires extra time and effort on your part, but it’s not an option — unless you want to continue not getting noticed. Despite the extra effort required, this is actually a great opportunity to hone in on your job-specific qualifications and really sell yourself for each opportunity.

Quantify Your Accomplishments

A resume isn’t the place for vague language, because hiring managers don’t know you. You’re a talented professional with a lot of incredible achievements to share, so get detailed. For example, instead of saying you developed a process that helped your team save money, specifically note that your new process cuts costs by 30%.

Get Past Resume-Scanning Software

Many companies use software to give resumes a first-round scan, so they can quickly and easily eliminate candidates without the right qualifications. However, it’s still possible to inadvertently have at least one feature on your resume hold you back. For example, a fancy layout might look nice, but if the software can’t process it, your text might be unreadable. Or if you haven’t reviewed the job description for keywords, you might not have weaved enough into your copy to meet the quota set by the hiring manager.

Include a Cover Letter

It’s not uncommon for companies to make writing a cover letter an option part of the application process, but that doesn’t mean you should skip it. This is a great way to introduce yourself to the hiring manager and offer additional information not included on your resume. Taking this extra step also shows enthusiasm for the job, which will score you extra points.

Try to Get a Personal Recommendation

While not always possible, if you can swing it, finding a shared contact with the hiring manager is a sure way to get noticed. Since hiring decisions are such a big deal, candidates that come with a personal recommendation are highly preferred. Search LinkedIn to see if you have any contacts at the company, and if so, reach out to see if they can help.

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