Three Reasons to Partner With HTSS — a Leading Staffing Partner in Lehigh Valley Since 1993

Hiring a new team member is a very big deal. The last thing you want is to choose the wrong person, but this is often easier said than done. Chances are, you’ve never actually received the proper training to help you hire right, and you probably don’t have a ton of spare time to dedicate to this key activity.

At HTSS, Inc., hiring in Lehigh Valley, PA is our thing. When you team up with us, we’ll help your company run more efficiently than ever. Here’s a look at what you have to gain by letting us handle your hiring.

Three Reasons to Partner With HTSS, Inc.

Spend More Time Focusing on Your Team

Your day job is a big one, filled with competing priorities. The last thing you need is to add hiring to your constantly-growing task list. When we manage your hiring, you don’t have to lift a finger. From posting the job and reviewing resumes to interviewing candidates, you can count on us to do it all. You won’t need to step in until it’s time to meet our top choices and make a final decision.

Find Passive Talent

The right person for the job isn’t always readily available. Sometimes they’re actively seeking employment, but they’re often gainfully employed elsewhere. We maintain a candidate pool with both active and passive job seekers. This allows us to get your open positions in front of professionals only willing to make a move for the right career opportunity. Since they’re not looking through job listings, this might be your only way to get in front of these people.

Cut Hiring Costs

Time is money, but it can take a while to fill an open position on your own. Since you don’t have all day to dedicate to hiring, it’s easy for it to take a backburner to competing priorities. In the meantime, you’re likely paying overtime to existing employees and having trouble keeping up with business demands, because you’re short-staffed. Since we hire for a living, our team won’t stop working until we’ve found the right person for the job — which could even happen on day one.

Need a little help managing your hiring? HTSS, Inc. is excited to partner with your Lehigh Valley company. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!

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