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Interview Tips | What Everyone SHOULD Say to a Recruiter (Part 1)

You’re ready to find a new job, but you haven’t had much luck searching on your own. This is causing you to think about reaching out to one of the top temp agencies in Allentown, PA, but you’re a little nervous.

Up until now, you’ve always led your own job searches, so this would be your first time working with a recruiter. This is a great move to make because staffing professionals have vast networks that can open the door to opportunities you won’t find independently.

Here are a few tips to help you have meaningful conversations with your recruiter so they’re able to provide the best possible support throughout your job search.

Three Things to Tell Your Recruiter

Be Honest About What You Want

Your recruiter wants to help you achieve your career goals, but they’re not a mind-reader. Therefore, you need to be honest about both what you want in a new job and where you want to take your career in general. Saying something you think they want to hear or going along with the idea that doesn’t feel right won’t benefit anyone, so speak up and let them work for you.

Highlight Your Job Search To-Date

Chances are, you’ve recently applied for a few jobs and maybe even went on some interviews. This is great, but don’t forget to tell your recruiter. Since they’ll be guiding your search from this point, they need to know about your previous job search activity to avoid inadvertently presenting the same opportunities to you.

This will also help them learn more about the types of jobs you’re interested in and areas where you might need a bit of improvement — i.e., interview prep or enhancing a certain skillset.

Detail Your Employment History

If they don’t know the — whole — the truth about your past, your recruiter can’t properly represent you. It might be tempting to breeze over unpleasant facts — i.e., when you got fired from a job two years ago — but they need to be informed about these details. At some point, these issues will surface, and hiding them will only make things more complicated while losing your recruiter’s trust.

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