Proper Lifting Techniques Every Warehouse Employee Should Be Aware Of

If you’re looking for warehouse temp jobs in Lehigh Valley, be ready to do some heavy lifting. When properly executed, this should be relatively safe, but injuries due to improper lifting techniques are all too common.

A warehouse is a busy place, but there’s always time to stop and make a safe plan for the load you’re about to transport. Assess the situation by determining the weight of the load — as close as possible — and deciding whether you can carry the item yourself or if you’ll need assistance. You’ll also want to consider where you’re headed, accounting for the distance and any obstructions in your path.

Knowing your limits and taking the time to learn how to lift items safety and effectively is a must. Use these lifting techniques from the Mayo Clinic to get started.

Three Tips for Proper Lifting in a Warehouse

Start in a Safe Position

If lifting an object from the floor, the Mayo Clinic recommends standing as close to it as possible. Then you’ll want to get into a kneeling position while resting one knee on the floor. Avoid lifting from a standing position while your waist is bent or your legs are locked.

Alternatively, you could also squat, instead of kneeling. If you choose this option, you’ll want to stand as close as possible to the object, either keeping your feet parallel or staggering one ahead of the other.

Keep the Natural Curve in Your Lower Back

Place one knee on a resting position on the floor, while tightening your core muscles and lifting the object between your legs. It’s important to retain the natural curve in your lower back and avoid holding your breath, according to the Mayo Clinic. Be sure to hold the object close to your body and rest it on your knee as you get ready to stand up.

Use Your Legs and Avoid Twisting

When you stand up, use your legs to lift the object, keeping it close to your body, as this will limit the pressure on your lower back. Avoid twisting at all costs. If you need to turn, the Mayo Clinic advises pivoting your feet, instead of your back.

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