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5 Reasons No One Is Applying to Your Job…and How to Fix It!

Trying to fill an open position on your own can be challenging — especially when you’re hearing crickets. You considered looking into Lehigh Valley temp agencies, but you thought the process wouldn’t be too challenging.

The job itself is an attractive one and your company is a great place to work, so you assumed you’d be inundated with applications as soon as it was posted. Clearly, there’s an issue, so it’s time to get to the bottom of it.

5 Reasons No One is Applying to Your Job

Your Job Title Doesn’t Show Up in Searches

Giving fun job titles to your team members can make work more interesting — i.e., marketing ninja instead of marketing manager — but likely confuses candidates. When people search for new opportunities, they type in standard job titles, so your unique take on the name won’t show up in their results. Even if it does, they probably won’t understand it’s another name for the job they want.

Avoid this by using the industry-standard job title. If you want, use a sentence in the body copy to explain the unique name the job goes by at your company.

The Application is Too Time-Consuming

There’s a fine line between asking candidates to provide a certain amount of information to weed out those who aren’t that interested in the job and taking it too far. Most people aren’t going to spend an hour filling out a job application, so if yours is admittedly lengthy, it’s time to trim it down. It’s fine to ask people to complete a brief assessment, but realize even enthusiastic candidates have their limits.

You’re Not Posting It in the Right Places

If you want the right people to see your job posting, you have to get it in front of them. It’s possible the job boards you’re using aren’t aimed at your target demographic. Consider joining forces with a recruiter in your field, as they’ll know exactly where to post the job to find your next great hire — if they don’t already have someone in mind.

The Job Description is Poorly Written

A job description should paint a clear picture of what the position entails. If yours is confusing, outdated or downright sloppy, top talent will quickly move on to the next. Make a habit of always writing a new job description from scratch every time you fill an open position. Have at least one other person familiar with the job proofread it, so they can ensure it’s accurate and catch any typos you missed.

The Salary is Too Low

You don’t want to hire someone only interested in the job for the money, but the salary does matter. If you’re paying below industry standard, candidates are likely turned off by it. Try to find more money in the budget, and if you can’t, at least offer some enticing perks to help the job compete with similar opportunities at companies that pay more.

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