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Managing Your Emotions: How to Make the Best of the Situation You’re In

Some days at work are great, but others are more challenging. When you don’t see eye to eye with a colleague or get passed up for a promotion, it can be hard to control your emotions. 

The thing is, work is a professional environment, so you have to keep it together. Here’s some advice to help make the best of the situation you’re in when you’re not happy about it.

Four Ways to Manage Your Emotions at Work

Pause Your Reaction

When you’re upset, you want to react to the situation immediately. However, this is a terrible idea, because your emotions are still raw. It’s important to take some time to calm down and really think about your response because you don’t want to say something you’ll regret. Giving yourself a few minutes or even a few days to react is the best way to keep your emotions in check.

Politely Excuse Yourself

It can be nearly impossible to maintain your cool in a situation that’s upsetting you. If you’re having trouble staying composed, find a reason to excuse yourself and leave the room. Stepping away from the situation will help you calm down and keep you from showing a side of yourself that might not be the most flattering.

Find the Best in the Situation

If you’re willing to look hard enough, even a bad situation at work has a silver lining. It’s important to seek out the good and focus on it because it’s the best you can do right now. This will make you feel better because you’ll be concentrating on a positive, instead of something that upsets you.

Focus on the Big Picture

In the moment, an issue at work can feel like the worst thing in the world. However, it’s probably not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. When you realize it’s just a small hiccup in your day, week, or month, it will be easier to see it as a trivial matter, instead of something catastrophic.


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