Trips, Slips, and Falls: The Ultimate Guide to Staying on Your Feet

Warehouse work is a rewarding way to earn a living, but this type of environment isn’t without risks. When searching for jobs hiring in Allentown, PA, job seekers should only pursue roles with employers that put safety first.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration works hard to create and refine the safety standard for warehouse workers. Accidents happen when these guidelines aren’t followed and can cause back injuries, strains and sprains, contusions, fractures, and even death. In fact, fall protection training requirements were one of the top 10 most frequently cited OSHA standards violated in Fiscal Year 2018.

OSHA Tips to Avoid Slips, Trips and Falls

The only good thing about slips, trips, and falls in a warehouse setting is they’re fully preventable. OSHA shares plenty of advice to help employers and employees avoid these types of accidents, including the following.

  • Make sure blood and grease are cleaned up promptly.
  • Cover wet floors with non-slip surfaces.
  • Wear slip-resistant footwear.
  • Clear obstructions and tripping hazards from aisles and passageways.
  • Prior to accessing aisles, make sure they’re wide enough for the planned use.
  • Install proper handrails on stairways, maintain treads and risers and make sure treads are equipped with a slip-resistant surface.
  • Confirm all elevated storage and work surfaces are equipped with guardrails, toeboards and have a permanent means of access.
  • Verify that every floor drain on the premises is covered by a grate.
  • Regularly inspect all ladders to make sure they’re in good condition, and contain equally-spaced rungs and non-slip safety feet.
  • Provide proper training on safe ways to use ladders.

Make Warehouse Safety a Priority

Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace is a group effort. Preventing trips, slips and falls starts with employers, as they’re responsible for creating worksite-specific safety standards, as well as providing proper training and equipment. However, employees also play a huge role. If they don’t follow the rules, they’re at a greater risk of tripping, slipping or falling, and their behavior can also put their colleagues in danger.

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