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The Quick Guide to Cybersecurity: How to Improve Workplace Safety Among Employees

Cybersecurity is a serious threat to everyone with an Internet connection. Companies are successfully breached an average of 130 times per year, according to the 2017 Cost of Cyber Crime Study, published by Accenture.

Therefore, when searching for candidates to fill your city of Allentown jobs, choosing people with the desire and ability to help keep your company on lockdown is a must. Find out how to engage your staff and present cybersecurity in a manner that boosts buy-in and increases results.

Five Ways to Improve Workplace Cybersecurity Among Employees

Create a Cybersecurity Policy

Get all employees on the same page by creating a cybersecurity policy that clearly details what do to in a cyberattack. This should include a plan of action that explains the responsibility associated with each key position, so everyone knows exactly what’s expected of them. Having this in place will ensure precious moments aren’t lost while employees figure out what to do.

Encourage People to Report Suspicious Activity

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Make it easy for employees to report potential security breaches by creating an easy-to-use process — i.e., an online form — where they can easily submit the details. Encourage people to submit anything that doesn’t look right, because the most complex security breaches are often packaged very well.

Make Training Easy to Digest

Tech-savvy employees can handle an influx of cybersecurity information, but most people can’t. Keep people engaged by presenting information in smaller chunks — i.e., no half-day training sessions — and making rules and regulations as easy to follow as possible. When employees understand what they’re supposed to do and the significance surrounding the activity, they’re much more likely to comply.

Safeguard Important Information

Every employee doesn’t need the same level of access to all company information. Put folders containing confidential data on lockdown, granting access to only those who actually need it. This will seriously decrease the chances of an attacker getting in, and if a breach does happen, it will be much easier to find the source.

Set BYOD Standards

If your company has a BYOD policy, standards must be in place for employee-owned equipment. Decide which types of devices are approved for company use, and make sure they’re all outfitted with proper anti-virus software. Your organization doesn’t own the device, but if it’s used to access company servers, you need to know its safe.

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