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A Look at Common Things Successful People Will NEVER Say

Successful people don’t get to the top by accident. If you look closely, they share many common characteristics that set them apart from the crowd. More than just talented, these driven, optimistic, team players aren’t content kicking it on the sidelines.

Whether you’re searching for order picker jobs or administrative work, the phrases below must be removed from your vocabulary. Find out why successful people wouldn’t dream of uttering them.

It’s Impossible

Nothing is impossible. Some problems are more complex than others, but successful people know every problem is solvable. Instead of claiming something can’t be done, they persevere until the best possible solution is found.

I Can’t

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Rockstar employees know they can either choose to say yes or no. Always ones to opt in, they work their way to the top of the org chart by accepting everything from challenging projects to happy hour invites.

I Don’t Know

Even the most successful people don’t know everything, but they’ll never leave you hanging. If they’re unsure how to answer a question or solve a problem, they’ll go on a quest to find the answer. This might involve reaching out to a colleague with more knowledge on the subject matter or researching the topic online, but they’ll do it.

That’s Not My Problem

Lazy people remove themselves from any situation requiring extra work, but you won’t hear these words from top talent. Whether the issue is their problem or not, they’re always willing to lend hand to resolve it as quickly as possible. Always helpful, they believe team members should have each other’s backs.

It’s Too Much Work

Top talent doesn’t expect handouts. They realize it takes hard work to get to the top, and they’re willing to do what it takes. If they have to come into the office early, work late and put in extra time on weekends to meet a project deadline, they’re going to do it.

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