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Being Generous at Work Can Cost Productivity…if You Let it!

If you’re searching for Allentown, PA jobs — or anywhere else for that matter — you might want to stop being so generous. Researchers Adam Grant and Reb Rebele’s recent study “Beat Generosity,” explains why you need to be more selective in giving. Published the Harvard Business Review in January 2017, the findings can change your life for the better.

As a naturally kind person, you want to help everyone who requests your assistance, but you have to put yourself first. Grant and Rebele found that people who give everything to others are left with no time to work on personal goals and achieve burnout faster. This doesn’t mean you have to stop helping others, you just need to be a bit more strategic.

7 Effective Ways to Give Back

In their HBR article, Grant and Rebele explained the best ways to lend a helping hand, without hindering your own productivity. These include:

Prioritize Requests

Agree to help only when your assistance will have a major impact on the requestor. However, never feel obligated to pitch in if doing so isn’t something you can easily swing.

Find Your Niche

Instead of trying to help others in any way you can, find a few specialties and stick to them. These should be things you excel at and enjoy, because you’ll have more fun, which will maximize the other person’s benefit.

Delegate Requests

When you don’t have the time or skills to help, refer the requestor to someone else.

Put Yourself First

Providing assistance to others is great, but you need to help yourself first. You’re in a better position to serve when your own needs are met.

Expand Your Reach

Everyone you help matters, but you can maximize your impact by finding a way to assist multiple people at once. This frees up additional time, while allowing you to touch more lives.

Designate Set Times to Give Back

It’s hard to stop everything and respond to a request for help, so set aside certain days or times of the week for assisting others. You’ll be able to focus more on giving back and your own work, allowing you to do your best at both.

Steer Clear of Takers

Some people truly respect you and are grateful for any time you have to spare for them, but this isn’t the case with takers. Solely focused on themselves, these people will take advantage of you as much as they can, so avoid them at all costs.

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