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The Value Behind Getting to Know Who Your Employees are Outside of Work

You spend all day surrounded by your fantastic employees, but if you don’t really know them outside the office, you’re missing out. Beyond their roles as project managers, administrative assistants and accountants, they’re people with families, friends and dreams for the future.

There’s a common misconception that things need to be strictly professional between bosses and employees, but it isn’t be so cut and dry. Certain lines shouldn’t be crossed, but there’s a real value in getting to know what makes these people tick.

Three Reasons to Get to Know Your Employees Outside the Office

Boost Morale

Feeling like a number in a sea of employees isn’t fun. Staffers notice when you barely know their name — much less what they actually do — and this makes it hard for them to get inspired.

Showing a little interest in who they are as people goes a long way. Your employees look up to you, so when you take a minute on Monday to find out how they spent their weekend, this means a lot. Expect to see a rise in engagement levels and retention rates when you make your team feel like they matter.

Become More Approachable

As the boss, you’re a bit intimidating. You probably don’t realize it, but by being elusive you’re sending a standoffish vibe that makes employees uncomfortable.

No one wants to work for a boss who constantly puts them on edge. People need to feel like they can come to you with ideas, questions and concerns — and this will happen if you show them your softer side.

Discover Their Passions

Your employees are great workers, so they do what you tell them to. However, many people probably aren’t assigned to projects they’re really passionate about. People do their best work when they’re able to dig into something that really excites them, but right now, you’re missing the ball.

When you spend quality time with your team, you find out what they’re interested in. This knowledge can help you delegate work appropriately, resulting in higher levels of job satisfaction and performance.

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