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What Steps Can You Take After Really Messing Up Your Interview?

It never feels good to leave a job interview feeling like you failed to impress. Whether your nerves got the best of you or you didn’t prepare as much as you should’ve, you know you didn’t present your very best self to the hiring manager. While you can’t go back and re-do the interview, you might still be able to salvage your chances of getting hired. In fact, the interview may not have gone anywhere near as badly as you thought, so don’t give up yet.

Follow these four tips from HTSS, Inc., one of the leading temp agencies in Allentown, PA, to make your next move count.

Reach Out to Explain Yourself

This approach is only a good idea if you’re dealing with a serious life event that is weighing heavily on you — otherwise skip it. Call or email the hiring manager shortly after the interview to explain why you weren’t your best self. It’s not a guaranteed way to get a second chance, but hiring managers understand you’re only human, and some will be sympathetic to the fact you’re going through something beyond your control.

Perform Damage Control With Your Thank You Note

Even disastrous job interviews require you to follow-up with a thank you note, so use this to smooth things over. Don’t apologize for your less-than-impressive performance, but do include a brief paragraph adding a bit of key information you left out or reiterating any important points you failed to emphasize during the meeting. This is your chance to stealthily make up for a response you know you botched earlier.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Take the time to analyze exactly what went wrong in the interview and use this knowledge to ensure you don’t repeat your mistakes. For example, if you stumbled over multiple interview questions, now you know you need to spend a lot more time preparing next time. Remember, everyone makes mistakes, so it’s how you handle them that really matters.

Forgive Yourself and Move On

Dwelling on a job interview gone wrong will get you nowhere, so stop obsessing and move on to the next opportunity. No one is perfect, so forgive yourself for slipping up this time and vow to perform better from now on. You won’t get very far if you’re focused on the past, so turn around and keep making progress towards your very bright future.

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