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How to Refocus When Your Job Search Hits a Standstill

When you’re ready for a new career opportunity, the job search process can seem to drag on forever — especially if you’re currently unemployed. Patience is a virtue you’ll need to find the right fit, but if you’ve been actively searching for awhile now and haven’t made much progress, it may be time to refocus. Use these tips to revamp your methods and effectively position yourself as the strongest candidate on the market.

Enhance Your Search Strategy

Take a step back and re-examine the approach you’ve been using to find opportunities, because it’s time to switch things up. If you’ve been pretty much solely focusing on job boards, it’s definitely a good idea to incorporate more networking into your strategy. Reach out to contacts in your existing network to see if they know of any open positions you might be a good fit for and set a goal of attending a few networking events each week to make new connections.

Request a Resume Critique

Your resume is the most important document in your job search, so if things aren’t moving too swiftly, there’s a good chance it’s not doing you justice. Ask a friend to review it, to see if it contains any glaring errors that you simply missed because you’ve spent so much time staring at it. It also might be wise to hire a professional to rewrite it, so you can be confident that you’re submitting a perfectly polished document to each opportunity.

Seek Advice From a Trusted Advisor

Search your network to find a seasoned professional you really admire and ask for an hour of their time to discuss your job search. Explain the approach you’ve taken thus far, show them your resume and ask for advice on refining your strategy. This person has already achieved significant career success, so they can offer valuable insights that could make all the difference.

Add More Structure to Your Approach

A job search is essentially a full-time job. If you’ve only been putting minimal effort into your activities, this is probably why you haven’t made it too far. Add some serious structure to your strategy by setting a certain time limit for job search activities each day and holding yourself accountable for accomplishing it. When you really put your all into your search, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much progress you can make in even a week’s time.

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