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3 Reasons to Dress Professional for Every Interview…Regardless of Job Title

In the past, knowing exactly what to wear for a job interview was easy, because most companies had a professional dress code. However, things have changed and these days, casualwear is the standard. While standard work attire has become significantly more relaxed, the same rule does not apply for job interviews.

Unless you’re interviewing for an executive role, you may mistakenly believe it’s acceptable to arrive in khakis or jeans, but it’s not. Wearing anything less than your best suit is simply unacceptable. You can be certain other candidates will show up looking flawlessly professional and failing to do so will cause you to stand out — in the exact wrong way.

Make a Great First Impression

First impressions are lasting and can ultimately make or break your chances of getting hired. Your appearance is the very first thing the interviewer will notice, so you have to look your best. Professional attire makes you appear polished, driven and can even boost your levels of self-esteem. This style of dress commands respect, which is exactly the impact you want.

Demonstrate Enthusiasm for the Job

Acing the job interview is your key to getting an offer, so if you can’t be bothered to look your best, the hiring manager will assume you’re not that interested. When a candidate really wants a job, they’re willing to pull out all stops to make the best possible impression, so showing up looking anything less than impeccable simply won’t cut it.

Show Respect to the Interviewer

The hiring manager is using valuable time to meet with you, so dressing professionally is considered a sign of respect for them and the company. Making the extra effort to look your very best shows you’re grateful for their time and are taking the interview very seriously. If the interviewer feels like you lack respect, you don’t stand a chance of getting the job.

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