Stop Hiring the Wrong Employees!

Not every person you interview is going to be a good fit for your open position. Trying to shoehorn a candidate into a role or a company where they don’t belong is a recipe for failure. Before making a hiring decision you should look back at your previous experiences and see if there are any patterns you can tell based on people who haven’t worked out in the past. You may be able to review your screening process and make changes to focus on finding the right candidates from the start.

3 Tips to Consider When Hiring New Employees

Is the Company Culture a Match?

Your company culture is a mix of your mission statement, your corporate values, and your environment. The right candidate will be able to flourish in the culture you’ve already established. Determine what their core values are and if they are a match for your organization. For example, introverted workers will not succeed in an office filled with extroverts.

Go Beyond the Job Description.

The job description is a good start but it isn’t the only tool you can use to screen candidates for their qualifications and corporate fit. Candidates will always say yes when presented with a laundry list of every duty. What you really want to know is how they will fit into the company long term. Let them know the personalities of the department, how success is measured, and the purpose of this role in the company.

Polish Your Interviewing Techniques.

All too often hiring managers fall into a trap where they are the ones doing most of the talking in an interview. Instead, you really want to hear what the candidate has to say about their experience. Ask them questions to determine what they already know about your company, what their accomplishments are, and how they see themselves fitting in to your organization. Also, introduce them to other staff members to see how they interact.

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