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A Look into the Affordable Care Act: Offering Temporary Workers Access to Health Insurance

In years past it has been difficult for staffing companies to offer health insurance to temporary employees. Because of the flexible nature of temp work employees often didn’t accrue enough hours with a staffing service to qualify for insurance before they were hired by a client or found work elsewhere. Over the years several staffing organizations have discussed health insurance policies with their contingent staff only to hear that the employee cost of these short term plans were prohibitive. However, the changes with the Affordable Care Act may allow temporary staffing agencies to provide better health insurance options to employees who work on a short term basis.

3 Things to Know About How Staffing Companies
and the ACA can Partner on this Issue

  • American Staffing Association surveys. Companies plan to offer full time employees at least the minimum coverage. The intention is that this coverage is affordable to most, if not all, temporary employees.
  • Minimum coverage versus exchanges. The minimum coverage that temporary staffing services expect to be able to provide to their employees is basic in nature. It covers the minimum essentials as required by the ACA. These programs are intended to be affordable by temporary employees. Anyone needing more coverage can enroll in the exchanges which would then require the employer to pay a monthly tax.
  • Cost for staffing agencies. However, regardless of the coverage that can be provided to the temp staff the agency will be responsible for a significant cost increase. For employees needing to enroll in the state exchanges there is a $250 excise tax for each employee. However, the actual cost of insurance will depend on a number of factors including the work their employees perform, the full time status and length of employment, their pay rates, the type of insurance plan offered, and how many employees participate.

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