How to Manage Employees with Differing Personalities

Each of your employees will have a distinct personality and those personalities will be very different than your own. As a manager, it is important that you understand how to manage diverse personalities in the workplace. Our team of experienced recruiters has put together a list of 4 ways to understand and manage employees with differing personalities.

  1. Understand each individual. Trying to shoehorn different employee personalities into the same box will result in unpleasant interactions for everyone. It is best to get to know each employee based on their own merits and manage toward their individual strengths. Learn about them as people, how they work, how they are motivated, and what their limitations are.
  2. Encourage like minds to work together. Some personality traits have a hard time working with others. Someone who is extremely outgoing can intimidate your office introvert. Instead, try to match up employees with similar working styles to complement each other.
  3. Find common ground. If two employees are having a difficult time communicating with one another effectively, spend some time connecting them based on their similarities instead of their differences. This will help them meet in the middle and hopefully work out their issue.
  4. Learn conflict resolution skills. Ultimately, the most important thing you can do as a manager is learn conflict resolution skills to help your employees settle issues constructively. Disagreements will happen so it is crucial you know how to handle them in a healthy way.

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