Tips on Managing Millennials in Allentown

Soon, the millennial generation will overtake the baby boomers as the largest population in the workforce. Due to the vast differences in the way these generations conduct business it is important for management to learn how to effectively supervise Generation Y. As a member of the Boomer generation or even Generation X, how can you understand the intricacies of managing this very new breed of employee? Here are four things to watch out for and implement in your company today.

  1. Recognize them as Individuals.
    Gen Y can be extremely loyal to managers that they respect. But they don’t like to be lumped into a group and have their success hinge on the performance of others. Provide praise for each individual’s role in making any project successful. This will give them each an opportunity to stand out.
  2. Be Prepared to Establish Challenges.
    Millennials don’t like to feel stagnant. They want to continuously learn new things. This means that, as a manager, you may have to continuously learn new things. The best way to challenge this segment of the workforce is to create situations which are stimulating and engaging.
  3. Manage their Expectations.
    Generation Y is ambitious. They want to rise through the ranks and take on more responsibility quickly, but their determination may be too fast for your company to handle. They do love plans and timelines so if you were to provide them with the map move to the next level and you will see them excel at each step along the way.
  4. Feedback is a Two-Way Street.
    Millennials want to know how they are doing regardless of whether that is good or bad. They thrive on feedback and work hard to change behaviors that are not producing quality work. However, they believe in the same behavior for their management. Don’t be surprised when they provide feedback on your performance and you’ll be impressed with the quality of their observations.

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