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How to Manage an Extended Working-From-Home Policy to Maintain Your Productivity

Taking a Break When You Need a Minute

Like many jobs in Lehigh Valley, PA, yours unexpectantly turned into a work-from-home position when COVID-19 began to hit the U.S. hard. You’re grateful to be able to work remotely through the pandemic, but it’s definitely a major change.  It seems you’re probably not going back to the office anytime soon, so it’s time to accept working from… Read More »

The Key to Maintaining Your Productivity When Working From Home

Maintain Productivity when Working from Home | HTSS Inc

If you weren’t already part of the remote workforce, there’s a good chance COVID-19 has at least temporarily forced you to join the ranks. Having the ability to work from home is pretty incredible, but it can also be a challenge  Whether you’re home alone or trying to work in the midst of family chaos, staying on track… Read More »