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Do Recruiters Care About Extracurricular Activities on Your Resume?

Question Originally Appeared on Quora: “Do Recruiters Care About Extra Curricular Activities on Your Resume?” Top warehouse jobs attract a lot of resumes, so if you want to get noticed, you’ll need to pull out all stops. Including extracurricular activities on your resume is a smart way to get on a recruiter’s radar. As one… Read More »

What Steps Can You Take After Really Messing Up Your Interview?

Following Up After an Interview | HTSS Inc

It never feels good to leave a job interview feeling like you failed to impress. Whether your nerves got the best of you or you didn’t prepare as much as you should’ve, you know you didn’t present your very best self to the hiring manager. While you can’t go back and re-do the interview, you… Read More »

Four Mobile Applications to Help You Become More Organized and More Productive

Mobile Applications to Help You Get Organized | Job Agencies in Allentown PA

Organization is the key to productivity, but thankfully there’s more than a few apps to help you maintain order. In fact, if you have a smartphone or a tablet, there’s really no excuse to live in chaos, because a few clicks of an app is all it takes to become more efficient. If you need… Read More »