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Are Quality Issues Impacting Your Bottom-Line?

Every time you make a hiring decision you are risking infecting your company with the wrong kind of attitude. Are you prepared for this risk? The actual cost of a bad hire becomes exponential for as long as the employee is at your company and it is more than just the money you pay for their salary.… Read More »

Personal Branding and Social Media

Believe it or not, more people check your social media pages than you think and that includes potential employers. When it comes to personal branding it is important to make sure you are always putting your best foot forward, especially online. If you’ve been wondering how to position your social media and online presence, here… Read More »

You Can’t Fire Me For That! (Or Can You?)

Just Googling the phrase “tattoos in the workplace” you will get a number of different results both positive and negative about body art and professional jobs. What are the rules when it comes to tattoos? What can employers require of their staff? In this post we discuss tattoos in the workplace and the legality of… Read More »

Reasons Your Best Employees are Quitting

Did you know the average length of employment for an American worker is only one and a half years? This startling statistic is courtesy of the Department of Labor and that tiny number is packed with a lot of information about the way we hire and the way we retain our employees today. Managers and… Read More »