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What Are the Most Common Mistakes Made on Resumes?

Question Originally Appeared on Quora What Are the Most Common Mistakes Made on Resumes? Your resume is the first impression you’ll make on a hiring manager. After reading it, they’ll decide whether they want to invite you for an interview or not, so it needs to be outstanding. Unfortunately, many candidates submit resumes that are far… Read More »

Why You Should Consider Mentorship Programs for Your Employees

A key component of many successful companies, a mentoring program helps employees learn and grow. There’s no right or wrong way to pair staffers, so take your initiative in any direction you desire. For example, you might consider pairing more seasoned employees with staffers just getting started in the workforce. Or, if staffers with decades… Read More »

Five Quotes to Share with Your Team to Get Them Motivated and Productive!

Motivational Quotes for the Workplace

Even the hardest working teams sometimes need a little push. If your talented employees are feeling a bit sluggish, it’s time to help them break out of their rut. Finding the right words to rouse them can be a bit of a challenge, so instead of spending an inordinate amount of time writing a motivational… Read More »

Are Your Team-Building Events Helpful? Or a Giant Waste of Time?

Summer Team Building | Emmaus PA

When properly executed, team-building events can be hugely beneficial to your company, but all activities will not create your desired impact. If you’ve recently held a couple events in Emmaus, PA to strengthen your team, it’s time to step back and assess the outcome to make sure you’re not wasting time and resources. Three Questions… Read More »